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"From the time I met David three years ago, what struck me most was his focus on addressing the every day needs and issues of the local community. As a Ward 2 resident, that is important to me. He is also deeply invested and dedicated to Newton having great schools. As an NPS parent and School Committee member, that is equally important. I look forward to having David as a partner on the City Council."

-Chris Brezski, School Committee Member, Ward 2

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"I've known David for several years through his involvement in Newton public service and respect the way he approaches the issues with an independent, open and curious mind. He is committed to listening and learning from constituents and I'm excited for the opportunity to partner with David on the Council in representing the residents of Ward 2."

-Tarik Lucas, City Councilor At-Large, Ward 2


"David will be a strong, independent voice for Ward 2. With a focus on constituent services, he is committed to working on the nuts and bolts issues that affect residents' daily lives. His collaborative approach will be a welcome addition on the Council, and I look forward to working with him."

-Becky Walker Grossman, City Councilor & Finance Committee Chair

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World renowned sculptor and Ward 2 resident Nancy Schon and me chatting about Newton's past, present and future - grateful for this new friendship and her support!​

Patrick Song and Jane Frantz holding signs with me at the Newton Free Library on Election Day - Patrick and Jane have been essential volunteers and advisors throughout the campaign and I'm grateful for their partnership and support.

Newton Public Schools educators & parent leaders

  • Jane Frantz, Newton Public School Educator  

  • Adele Haratsis, Newton Public School Educator

  • Joan Yospin, Newton Public School Educator

  • Jenny Robertson, Newton Public School Educator

  • Joelle Pedersen, Newton Public School Educator and Administrator

  • Sue Cohen, Newton Teachers Association Officer

  • Amy Davenport, School Committee Candidate

  • Patrick Cheng-Hao Song, Co-Founder of Save Newton Strings, Restore Class Sizes, and Restore Kindergarten Aides 

  • Alison Lobron, Founder of Newton Parent/Educator Collaborative

  • Rebekah Gewirtz, Cabot School Parent Leader

  • Jessica Weed, Cabot School Parent Leader

  • Julia Gaebler, Newton Public Schools Parent Leader

  • Chris Perriello, Horace-Mann Parent Leader

current and former Newton elected officials

  • Chris Brezski, School Committee Member, Ward 2

  • Tarik Lucas, City Councilor, Ward 2

  • Becky Walker Grossman, City Councilor & Finance Committee Chair

  • Marc Laredo, City Councilor

  • David Kalis, City Councilor

  • John Oliver, City Councilor

  • Chris Markiewicz, City Councilor

  • Lenny Gentile, City Councilor

  • Harvey Young, Newtonville Area Council Board Member

  • Peter Bruce, former Newtonville Area Council President

  • Matt Hills, former School Committee Chair

Ward 2 Supporters 

  • Adam Paton

  • Barbara Newman

  • Ben Paton

  • Ben Ravid

  • Bruce Micley

  • Charlie Yelen

  • Chris Brezski

  • Chris Perriello

  • Dan Cohen

  • Dan Geller

  • David Ruchelsman

  • Debbie Sussman

  • Deborah Levenson

  • Dov Bard

  • James Aronson

  • Janet Porcaro

  • Jane Ravid

  • Jenny Robertson

  • Jeremy Shaw

  • Jesse Fried

  • Jessica Weed

  • Joan Yospin

  • Joel Sussman

  • Joelle Pederson

  • Jonathan Sarna

  • Joyce Bohnen

  • Lauren Paton

  • Lauren Ruchelsman

  • Lisa Micley

  • Marcella "Cookie" Magerer

  • Maree Shaw

  • Michael Bohnen

  • Mitch Goldman

  • Mike McKay

  • Molly Chadis Micley (the hardest to win over)

  • Nancy Schon

  • Naomi Fried

  • Patrick Cheng-Hao Song

  • Rabbi Benjamin Samuels

  • Ron Cohen

  • Ruth Langer

  • Sandi Geller

  • Shelly Bazes-Bard

  • Susannah Heschel

  • Sue Cohen

  • Steve Adelman

  • Steve Koevary

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