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October 2023

Stand With and Support Israel


The Hamas terror attacks against Israel have brought pain, suffering, and trauma to Jews everywhere in a way our generation has never before experienced.

If you have a Jewish friend, colleague, or neighbor, I want you to know, we are all feeling it.

We are crying in between work zoom calls.

We are haunted by the images and stories going viral, barely able to sleep.

We are on the verge of tears all the time, even if it looks like we’re smiling.

We all know someone who has been killed or kidnapped.

And we all live in fear about the new names that appear on the list of victims every day.

This is our darkest hour and we need your help.

If you have Jewish friends - reach out. It makes a difference. Let them know you are thinking about them and that you stand with Israel and humanity against Hamas and terror. Put politics aside and speak out against the evil of Hamas in killing babies, raping women, and kidnapping the elderly. It sounds crazy, but we need to hear this. Silence is scary.

For those that already did reach out - thank you.

Especially those from the Muslim community that reached out to me - thank you. I’ve long held cherished friendship with many Muslims and in this moment more than ever, it’s important to hear your empathy. Your support. And your denouncement of Hamas’ actions. Hamas wants to divide us and make this a Muslim-Jewish conflict. It is not. This is a confrontation with evil and terror that is against all of us, against all of humanity.

And donate. I’m raising funds for IsraAID, an Israeli non-profit that supports people affected by humanitarian crises across the globe. IsraAID travels the world to help wherever there is a crisis - today that crisis is in Israel and IsraAID is providing urgent relief to children and families physically and psychologically impacted. You can find out more and give here:



David Micley 

Ward 2 City Councilor Candidate


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