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August 2023

Newton Library Parking Lot Flooding

Dear Newton Neighbors,


Last week's flooding caused damage across Newton. For those that were affected, I feel for you! My family's beloved minivan was one of the many parked cars totaled in the flooded Newton Free Library lot - Fig City covered the story here.


Clearly something went wrong here. The newly renovated lot was not sufficiently equipped to manage draining from this type of storm, a risk Councilor Malakie highlighted in her 2019 petition to save the parking lot trees before renovations began. Beyond beautifying the city, trees and green space play a critical role in draining rain water and by removing them the City made this area which was already a known flood zone that much more at risk to flooding. It is exactly these types of multi-million dollar special projects that Newton needs to do a better job assessing before pursuing. Funds that could have been used to repair the roads were instead unwisely spent. And if the City knew there was a drainage issue even after the comprehensive renovation, the library lot should have been closed during the storm which was well forecasted before it hit. Newton must do better when it comes to basic city services.


For those that had their car/property impacted by the flooding on city property, here are directions on how to file a claim with the City of Newton: Filing a Claim. While I can't predict how the City will respond to individual claims, I wanted to be sure residents at least knew of this resource/avenue. If relevant to you, just be sure to file the claim within the required 30 day period of the incident. 


And for those of you engaged with car insurance claims, my advice is to negotiate for the lost value of your vehicle. Car insurance companies tend to lowball the opening offer on a claim so make sure the comparables they are using are reasonable (they often aren't) and if not research your own comparables to push the insurance companies to give you a fair deal. I'm learning a lot as I go through the process myself so feel free to reach out and glad to share with you how I'm approaching it.





P.S. It's bat season here in Newton - we had a bat flying around our home last week during the middle of the night and all 5 members of my family went in for rabies shots. Not fun. If you need advice on how to deal with bats in your house, don't hesitate to reach out for help as I'm in regular contact with my "bat man" and glad to connect you. Hoping the week ahead is less interesting than last week....


P.P.S. If you have a used mini-van you are looking to sell, please let me know - we are in the market for one urgently! 



David Micley 

Ward 2 City Councilor Candidate


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