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July 2023 Newsletter

Dear Newton Neighbors and Friends,


Hope you all are staying cool in the summer heat. Some updates from the campaign trail:


  1. I'm on the ballot - After collecting nearly three times as many signatures as required, I'm officially on the ballot! Thanks again to the volunteers that knocked doors and collected signatures with me - and to all the neighbors that opened your doors, made time to chat, and signed my papers!

  2. Campaign priorities - In July I sent out a mailer to Ward 2 residents sharing my campaign priorities: Better Streets, Strong Schools, Responsible Zoning, and Constituent Services. I’m concerned that Newton doesn’t sufficiently invest in the local infrastructure that residents rely on every day and think we need to do better on basic city services. 

  3. September preliminary election - There are three candidates (including me) running for the Ward 2 City Councilor seat which means we'll have a preliminary election in September to narrow the field to two. The preliminary election will be on Tuesday, September 12th with early voting on September 5th, and 6th. If you live in Ward 2 and I can count on your vote, please let me know. I'm expecting a competitive race so every vote really counts!


I got feedback that my last newsletter was too wordy so will spare you and keep this one short and sweet. Like last time, photos from the campaign trail below. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions, or requests for help. Hope to see you out there!




Volunteer of the month award goes to my 10 month old, Eitan. Well, volunteer may be an overstatement since he didn't really have a choice but looks like he's having fun, right? He's definitely more effective at opening doors than me.

IMG-1105 (1) (1).jpg

Bumped into longtime family friend, Asher Lyon, on the campaign trail. Was perfect timing as Asher was just getting back from picking up fresh strawberries from a local community farm and was kind enough to share. Couldn't ask for a better snack on a hot day of campaigning.

IMG-1100 (1).jpg

Always fun to bump into biking advocates while going for a ride. On weekday mornings you can find me biking up and down the carriage lane with my daughters in tow on the way to their camp. If you see me don't hesitate to say hey. Will give me an excuse to take a break...towing two kids isn't easy!

IMG-2209 (1).jpeg

One of my best friends from childhood, Ezra Waxman, was in Newton for a few days from Israel and volunteered to knock on some doors with me. Instead of grabbing a beer or coffee, my new go to move for visiting friends is to catch up over some door knocking...always surprises me how much they are into it but I'll take it!

IMG-1428 (1) (2).jpg

David Micley 

Ward 2 City Councilor Candidate


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